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Raffin se démarque par la diversité de sa gamme de produits. Ainsi, nous sommes présents dans de nombreux secteurs d’activités.

A University of New Hampshire English office employee has been both a student and an instructor in the writing program. As a student she learned, after some time, to accomplish all the more writing in class, instead of in isolation. Time, subject, and structure limits came to be viewed as freeing. The writing course enveloped meetings and full-class workshops, yet understanding gatherings, writing gatherings, an exploration venture, oral introductions, banter, student-drove special info about writing, reactions to gatherings, reactions to gatherings, reactions to community oriented tasks, and twofold passage diaries. While one teacher built up the examination venture all the more completely, others attempted to consolidate all the more adding something extra to their classes. The personnel understood that while students had free decision with respect to writing subjects, readings were relegated. From that point on, students were permitted to choose readings and offer them with the class. They additionally composed five pages for each week. The division network regards great writing and great educating, so there is space for development.